I don't know how to blog!

So here it is, the last task I have is to write a blog post and my website can be set free to the world. I have updated, edited, uploaded, resized and compressed everything I can right now. If you knew me better, some of you do, you would know that I am such a perfectionist. (It's a blessing and a curse as Mr. Monk says it wisely) (Off-subject: Monk is definitely in the Top 5 of my most favorite tv shows ever. I have been patiently waiting for Netflix, Amazon or Hulu to pick it up and release all episodes. I love Mr. Monk mostly because I am Mr. monk :-) If you have never seen it, I highly recommend watching it, and when you are watching it let me know where you found it will you!) - I am about to continue the sentence I interrupted a ways back, so you might want to re-read and leave the part about Monk out this time! - I am such a perfectionist therefor I keep working on things, and working on them, and working on them, or as I like to say with my textile art: "I keep adding buttons!" And that is exactly what I have been doing: adding buttons and hand stitching to my site!

I have been told by several people close to me that it is time to publish my website. "It is good enough!", they say. So after adding a few last minute pictures (Read: buttons) I have only one last thing to do and that is to write a "Welcome to my Website blog-post!" I have really enjoyed writing my 'About Me' and other pages but as far as blog posts, man I am stumped. What can I possibly write that people would want to read about? It is not like many exciting things happen in my life. I can't just make things up? Or can I?

My plan for this website has been to have one page with a collection of tabs, one place where you can find everything there is to be found about me. Either you are interested in my photography or my yoga classes. Heck maybe the only thing you are interested in is reading my awesome blog posts! Welcome! If you have any questions for me or if there is anything you want me to write about I welcome your suggestions. 

It has been a whirlwind of website creating over here. I have also been incredibly busy getting my yoga carreer off the ground. I guess I am definitely a child from the 80ies and older than I felt I was because I had not realized how much networking and social media are a big part of pretty much any job right now. As it stands I have five Instagram accounts, five Facebook pages, an Etsy shop, a blog, one website with a gazillion tabs and a family, dog and husband to keep happy! I am not sure how I am going to fit in the actual job of teaching yoga, taking families on photosessions and making art!

While my husband looks over my shoulders and asks: "That's all you wrote?" Very encouraging! "Yes, this is ALL I wrote! Are you kidding me :-) I am having trouble enough here with this blog! 

Let me tell you a bit about what my intentions with my blog are. As you noticed the blog is the page that opens up when you visit my site. This is done purposely because on my blog you will read or see what I currently am working on. My blog is going to be about Yoga, Photography, Art, unlike my site it doesn't have tabs to differentiate my passions. Everything is going to be right here and I felt that would be a good introduction to my page! My blog won't be boring without any pictures either :-) It will feature colorful photos like these:

Now see didn't this blog just get at least 30% better? These are not just photos I pulled out of my hat. You actually should see my iMac's desktop aka "my hat" right now. There must be at least 356 pictures on it and 35 folders that each contain another 100 photos each. (Organization has not been my strongest point in building this site!) In order for pictures to look good on any website it is recommended for them to be resized, you know so your page doesn't take 23 minutes to fully load. So mainly that has been my biggest task of late; to resize by hand every single picture on this site. I love my camera, don't get me wrong it is very nice, it is actually too nice, all my images are 60 mb at minimum, large enough to be printed on the side of a building and still be sharp, for this website they need to be closer to 1 or less than 1 mb.

Above pictures are the last ones that I added to my portfolio. These pictures are for an article that I wrote for Quilting Arts Magazine. I am not 100% sure how it happened but they reached out to me and gave me a task: "Can you make pet portraits on an 8 by 10?" "Sure!", I said, not knowing if I could actually do it. I do work better under stress and when someone gives me a specific task. If I work for myself I will work on things forever and ever and keep changing the direction I am going in.

On my blog, if I am not currently working on a project, I will highlight some of my older art projects and revisit them, telling you a little bit more about them. I am hoping all of this sounds incredibly interesting and totally awesome to you! :-) I hope you will follow my blog, laugh, maybe learn something, or be inspired yourself to create something new! I am here to answer any questions you might have! For now I am not adding any more buttons or hand stitching to my site, instead I will leave it alone and open up the floodgates! 

Fingers crossed!